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Hello.  Welcome to Reiki...Anytime, Anywhere, where you can receive a reiki treatment anytime and anywhere!  In these times of physical distancing, I can help you find calmness, strength and productivity by connecting reiki energy with your intention. I am a level 2 trained reiki practitioner, which allows me to give you distance reiki treatments in the comfort of your own home, while I am in my home.  

Reiki is in the energy around us that gives our lives a sense of calmness and purpose.  My training allows me to channel that energy to an intention you set.  If you want to feel stronger, calmer, or more productive I will envision that for you, as we work to achieve your goals. We can talk about your intentions or desires before your treatment begins so that I can be clear about your focus and what you hope to gain.

What I ask in return is that you make a donation to one of the organizations I have listed on the donation page.  I have chosen organizations that I feel align with the guiding principles of Reiki. Together, we can make a difference one Reiki treatment at a time.

I am a mother, wife and elementary school teacher. Reiki brings comfort and clarity to my life. I am not a guru, but I am someone who wishes to bring these feelings to you. 

In addition to bringing these positive effects to you, I want to work together and support organizations that are making efforts to create a better world for all of us.  I have chosen organizations whose missions and projects align with the the 5 Guiding Principles of Reiki. We can make a difference one Reiki treatment at a time!

Reiki is an ancient healing technique and literally means the universal energy of life. (A Japanese word, Rei means cosmic, universal, spiritual and Ki means life).   It is the energy of harmony, wisdom and love.  By invoking and channeling this energy I can help you realize your intentions.   In this way, Reiki can bring focus, clarity and comfort to your life.