I had never received a Reiki treatment before.  I had heard about my uncle having reiki treatments and feeling good about it and that was all.  Enter, Wendy Perry, a beautiful soul who married my cousin.  During one of our visits Wendy shared with me that she had been studying Reiki and having known a bit about it I was intrigued to learn more.  Shortly after one of our visits, I shared with Wendy that our dog Phoebe wasn’t feeling great.  She sent her reiki treatments and it seemed to put her at ease.  When we were looking for a house and selling our house Wendy performed reiki and all things fell into place within two weeks.  When my family members have been sick, Wendy has sent healing reiki energy and family members feel better.  Wendy is love and light and her reiki healing has become a part of my self-care and wellness practice.   It is my hope that people invite Wendy to help them on their journey by accepting the healing power of Reiki.  ~Lynne Poulton, owner Wholly Organized

Wendy has a true gift for healing, whether from near or afar.  I highly recommend her.  ~ Marcia Monterroso